The Coffin

The Coffin
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Su and Chris are two strangers whose lives have been struck by tragedy — Su has been diagnosed with lung cancer just days before her wedding and Chris’ longtime girlfriend has fallen into a mysterious coma.  When they both learn of a bizarre Thai ritual in which a living person lies in a coffin to reverse bad Karma, they both decide to partake in a mass funeral for the living.  Soon, their lives have turned around — Su’s cancer vanishes and Chris’ girlfriend awakes from her coma — but the good fortune is short-lived.  A series of terrifying paranormal events suggests that Su and Chris may have upset the Karmic balance of the universe by cleansing themselves of bad luck, and the people closest to them may ultimately pay the price.

International stars Karen Mok and Ananda Everingham star in this brooding tale about the fear of death and the cost of love.   Based on a real-life ritual and shot on location in Bangkok, ancient Thai spiritual grounds, and an active crematorium, The Coffin is a nightmarish and ultimately moving supernatural thrill ride.

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