A Cry From Within (DVD)

A Cry From Within (DVD)
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After a devastating miscarriage, a family trades their city lifestyle for a quiet life in the country. Jonathan (Eric Roberts), Cecile (Deborah Twiss) and their two children Ariel and Morgan settle into a Long Island rental home that was vacated by a woman and her elderly mother. The family soon finds themselves at the mercy of a terrifying and violent manifestation that Ariel identifies as a young boy named Sebastien. In fear for their family, Jonathan and Cecile must unlock the secret that binds Sebastien's torment with the former occupants and the local priest.

DVD Special Features include cast interviews and deleted scenes. Also featuring Cathy Moriarty (Raging Bull, Casper) and James McCaffrey ("Rescue Me").

95 min | 2.35:1 | DVD9 | COLOR | NTSC | Region 1
Horror/Thriller | English | Closed Captioned | Stereo | Not Rated