A La Vie (DVD)

A La Vie (DVD)
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Helene, Lili and Rose met in Auschwitz, where the three twenty-year-old Jewish girls were deported. Thanks to German-speaking Dutch Lili, who was working in the camp kitchen, the two French girls survived. However, after the liberation of the camp, they lost touch. Lili went back to the Netherlands. Rose married a former deportee and settled down in Canada. Helen returned alone to France where she met an old childhood sweetheart and married him, aware of his impotency caused by sinister doctors carrying out experiments on him in the concentration camp. Determined to find her old companions, Helen puts an ad in a deportees' newspaper. Against all odds the ad is answered and the women are reunited. The reunion takes place in Berck Plage in the north of France. The women rediscover each other, as well as help each other to overcome their Auschwitz demons.


Starring Suzanne Clément, Johanna ter Steege, and Julie Depardieu. A film by Jean-Jacques Zilbermann.


DVD Special Features include the short documentary "Irène et ses soeurs," about the director's mother whom inspired the film.



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