Almost Kings

Almost Kings
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In a small California town, smart, awkward high school freshman Ted (Lorenzo James Henrie) lives with his abusive, paralyzed father Ron (Billy Campbell, The Killing) and his older brother Truck (Alex Frost, Elephant), the golden-boy star receiver of the high school football team. To earn his respect, Ted begins hanging out with Truck’s group of friends, “The Kings.”  Before long, Ted learns of the Kings’ secret contest to have sex with the most freshman girls. Trying to impress them, Ted tells them he wants to play, too.


As Ted spends more time with the older boys, the Kings test him by asking him to invite freshman girls to their parties, and see how he holds up under questioning in the principal’s office after witnessing a fight. As Ted passes each of the Kings’ tests, he grows closer to Truck and the rest of his friends. He’s slowly seduced by his rising confidence and girls’ increased interest in him.


However, being in the Kings isn’t all fun and games, and Ted is about to learn that acceptance comes with a price...