An Endless Night (Un Nuit Sans Fin) (DVD)

An Endless Night (Un Nuit Sans Fin) (DVD)
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A Film By Ovidie. From the acclaimed Director of Pulsion, The Kiss and the Sex Stories Trilogy comes a new film destined to become an erotic classic.


An Endless Night tells the story of Lucie, a girl who wakes up at a hotel room naked, and alone. She had spent the night drinking with friends, but her memory is playing a dangerous game – she simply can’t seem to remember how the night ended. Who took her to that hotel? And, more important, what happened there? She asks a friend for help and together they attempt to assemble the puzzle – only to find out that the truth turns out to be a lot more intricate than they would have ever thought.


Ovidie is back, and proves once again that she is the master of female French erotica. No one does it better.

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