Blackbird (DVD)

Blackbird (DVD)
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-Behind the scenes (with interviews)
-Photo Gallery

An unlikely friendship forms between Sean Randall (Connor Jessup) and popular teen Deanna Roy (Alexia Fast). After writing a death threat online, Sean is falsely accused of plotting a Columbine-like massacre. The police raid his home and find rifles, shotguns, and a 'hit list' with twenty names of students who bullied Sean. As the media and authorities claim another Columbine has been averted, Sean faces imprisonment in a youth dentation facility. Sean must overcome his dark image and prove his innocence to Deanna and his shaken community.

"A powerful and nuanced tale about bullying, paranoia, and the dangers of social media." CBS News

"Crowned by nuanced and confident performances...particularly Connor Jessup's quietly bleeding portrayal of Sean." Katherine Monk, Vancouver Sun/Post Media


104 MIN | 16:9 | DVD9 | COLOR | NTSC | Region 1 | ENGLISH
Optional French Subtitles | Dolby Digital 5.1 | Not Rated