From the Head

From the Head
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New York City.  Fall, 1995.  Below the sidewalks of Times 
Square is a strip club where beautiful women work the 
pole for money at night. But beyond the main stage, and 
behind the men’s room door you’ll find Shoes, a 
bathroom attendant who offers a different kind of 
After three years on the job, Shoes has mastered the art 
of giving advice, compliments or a sympathetic ear to his 
many visitors – all for the sake of getting as much cash as 
possible into his tip bowl.  But on the night of his three-
year anniversary at the club, Shoes’ customers and 
coworkers start to make him take a look at his own life.  
Will Shoes learn to take some of his own advice?
Based on the real life story of writer-director-star George 
Griffith, From The Head is a truly original film that shows 
it’s never too late to stop your life from going down the 
* Director's Commentary