George: A Zombie Intervention

George: A Zombie Intervention
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Addiction can ruin lives, especially when you're a zombie like George. After eating one too many people, George's concerned friends decide it's their job to support him on a journey to recovery. With the help of Barbra, a professional interventionist, George's best friend Ben, ex-girlfriend Sarah, Sarah's new boyfriend Steve, and George's sister Francine gather at George's house to comfort him. Disater unfolds as George evades his friends good intentions while his hunger for flesh grows stronger than ever. When the group decides to take a break from the intervention, guests in the house start turning up dead - and eaten - but is George the one to blame, or does someone else in the house have a secret to hide?

George: A Zombie Intervention is a wickedly funny comedy that takes place in a world where the undead are law-abiding citizens like everyone else. Full of deadpan humor and over-the-top gore, Director J.T. Seaton's feature length debut proves that the first step towards recovery is admitting you eat people.