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Drenched in sex and style, Straight plows right through to the tantalizing details of a Menage a trois.

Jana is a social worker who tries to help local prostitutes, she  tells her judgemental and racist mother that she works  foe a publishing company as a cover for the truth; she lives in the slums. Nazim prowls the neighbohood with his crew, in search of drugs and fist fights, hiding his true identity as a bi-curious hoodlum who picks  up male strangers for an impersonal quickie. David is one of his first conquests, Nazim is ashamed and throws him out as soon as their session is over. David finds himself back in the arms of his girlfriend, Jana, who is constantly awash in a haze of sex and drugs, including when she preforms a strip tease at a bar and picks up a mesmerized Nazim, who knows nothing of her relationship with David. As David,Nazim, and Jana begin to discover each other's secrets, Straight  tightens the screws until the tension is almost unbearable.
This highly erotic drama, which is a carnal cross-up of Chasing Amy and Shank, is tinged with biting humor. It also features a moody, enveloping mix of songs, courtesy of Kitty Solaris and her  Future Air Hostess album. Straight isn't just a movie, it's a mind set, where monogamy is nothing more than a pipe dream.