Stuck To Your Pillow (Pegado a tu Almohada)

Stuck To Your Pillow (Pegado a tu Almohada)
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After a serious diving accident ends his life, Miguel encounters his guardian angel who urges him to cross over to the afterlife.  But Miguel refuses and continues to live on Earth as a ghost all for the sake of the love of his life: Patricia.

Patricia is a married woman, but finds herself starting a relationship with Miguel’s astral spirit through her dreams. Her husband Luis becomes wary of his wife’s strange behavior and hires a private detective who discovers the otherworldly affair between Patricia and Miguel.

Merging the worlds of the living and the dead, Miguel and Luis enter into a battle of wits for the love of Patricia. Through touching moments, comedic episodes and a heartwarming message that all things must be laid to rest, Stuck to Your Pillow brings together all the elements of an enjoyable romantic comedy into one adventurous package.