The Lost Coast

The Lost Coast
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Halloween Night in San Francisco's famous Castro is a time for celebration and revelry. And that is exactly what three young friends are in search of but may not neccessarily find in writer-director Gabriel Fleming's rendered story of reunion, desire and regret.

Jasper, Mark and Lily were great high school mates. Now in their early twenties, they reunite on Halloween for a night of sex, drugs, and good times. But simmering under the surface are pangs of what could have been - for the handsome, gay Mark and his roomate Lily, who were once romantically involved; and Mark and his straight and recently engaged pal Jasper, both of whom still long for each other after a short lived, teenage affair and who have yet to find closure.

Rich in emotion, The Lost Coast tells a breathtaking and poetic tale of friendship and isolation that resonates long after the final shot.